In Disco Days



A lady who goes dancing each night,
has a passion for tights colored bright.
She says “I prefer those
rather more than most hose;
and so do all the men I delight.”

3 replies on “In Disco Days”

Again Michael,

The short, witty style of Nash which makes this a most enjoyable poem. I like the lady’s attitude and reminiscing about those “disco days”.

Thanks for sharing,
my best ]


Thank you Wendy. Way back to the Stone Age when I was in college leotards, tights, and disco were all coming things. Leotards gave way to bodysuits and then to crop tops. Tights gave way to leggings, and disco just gave way. Even in the recent news piece I saw about dancers conducting classes for disadvantaged children showed the dancers in leggings (which back in the day “were called footless tights). I have always thought the fashion designers who introduced leggings must’ve been laughing all the way to the bank when they became popular. It reminded me of a letter to the editor in the science fiction magazine I read a long time ago, wherein the writer criticized an illustration in a previous issue showing everyone in what the writer called “tunics and tights”. The writer asserted that such a thing could never come to pass. I can’t help thinking that with leggings and long tops that and possible future has actually arrived. The thought is good for a laugh, anyway. Thanks for the complement, Michael.


In my last post “and possible” should have been “impossible”. I would have changed it, but I don’t seem to be able to edit my posts.


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