1. Sarah, I just posted “Medical Matters” and I tried doing something different from what I had been doing. In addition to the button in the upper left corner “My Sites” there is a button on the upper right “Write”. I went in that way instead. There I had two choices: document and block. I chose document and pasted iin my title; it changed my selection the block. I clicked document again and paste in the end the body of the report; once more it changed my selection to block. I clicked document yet again and published. Let me know if that made any difference.

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    • I sent you an email, Michael. I tried to edit it to add a picture and it froze my computer. there was no way to get rid of the gray box on the front page., so I made a copy of the poem and sent it to you, and then deleted. I included the support forum url so you could check with them. They should be able to help you. we don’t want to lose you !


  2. I just noticed that my voice recognition software got creative with my dictation in a couple of places. Hopefully you still understood what I was saying. Sigh!


  3. No Sarah, I actually wrote that poem shortly after I became paralyzed back in 2015. However, I am now hopelessly confused. I don’t know how to get to classic editor. I do not see any choice that says “classic editor” whether I go in through “my sites” or “write”. I am beginning to wonder if because I just signed up it is not giving me the classic option. If there is something specific I should be seeing, let me know.


    • MIchael,

      I would suggest contacting the support forum and ask them if it is possible for you to use the classic editor. Let them know that you are new and that when you try to post it goes to the new editor. You might consider opening up a test site of your own. that would give you space to experiment with. Then when you get something worked out the way you want it in the classic editor, you could post it at the Pub.


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