1. Hi Craig,

    The “New Editor” is what Yuku (the site of our original Pub) called reactive design.
    It is also the reason we closed the original pub.(It wiped out our site design. To be able
    to do that they turned admin of the Yuku sites over to Tapatalk which uses the RD platform.

    It’s goal is to (1) manipulate space to accommodate ads and
    (2) to make sites more user friendly for cell phone screens.

    The result of these noble aspirations is that posts are made in blocks and all sites are
    essentially the same. Of course there are more favorable ways of looking at reactive
    design, but no matter how you filter it, it does not benefit the poet nor the poetry site.

    To be perfectly fair, I will give you the developers’ spin on it:

    “Organisations working in disparate domains are independently discovering patterns for building software that look the same. These systems are more robust, more resilient, more flexible and better positioned to meet modern demands.”

    The RD design circumvents innovation and creativity. It subjugates the ability for originality and it takes control of the site out of the hands of the individual site ‘owner’.


    • Craig,

      You are doing nothing wrong (except maybe reading Baudelaire…just kidding)..there were design problems but they were not caused by you. The front page kind of got wrecked. It had nothing to do with you…

      I’m glad to be in touch though so I can say
      Happy New Year!



  2. Sarah – I echo the comments of Craig. I have no idea what you’re talking about and if I offend in this regard it’s purely by accident.




    • Hi Mark,

      I have been away from the Net, so I hope you will forgive my late reply.

      There was an issue (you were not at the Pub at the time) and the front
      page was sort of wrecked. The issue is not really resolved but it is
      being managed so that with most browsers things are working.

      There is an option of using the ‘new block editor’. You have to manually
      select that option. It is my nemesis. I appeal to all Pubsters to NOT use
      the ‘new block editor’. The other issue which was a major irritant was
      the sizing of pictures. They should be approximately 500 X 500 pixels.
      Any picture program will tell the size of the picture and allow one to
      resize said picture. It is a very basic premise and I note you have had
      no problem with your pictures (thank you!)

      It is so good to read your work at the Pub and always a joy to be in touch..



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