Divine Justice

Young Father Murphy, Parish Priest
he rang Archbishop Moore,
advising him he suddenly
had taken rather poor.

“I’ll not be fit for Sunday mass
as I’m confined to bed.
I’m hoping please your Eminence
you’ll do it please instead.”

“Good Father Murphy say no more
for you should never doubt
the willingness of love my son
to help a brother out.

So have no fear, your flock is safe,
I’ll shepherd it with love
and while confined you should confer
with him who is above.”

Then as the cock crows Sunday morn
good Father rose in haste
and gathered all his golfing gear;
there was no time to waste.

He parred the first and second holes;
his cheeks were all aglow.
When up in heaven Gabriel saw
the sinful priest below.

He took the matter higher up
for justice must be served.
But GOD said, “I’ve been watching son,
it’s not gone unobserved.”

The third it was a par three hole,
so Father gave it some,
his ball it lofted in the air
and Murphy holed in one.

Poor Gabriel he just looked in awe
though GOD sensed he was vexed.
How justice had been served that day
had Gabriel quite perplexed.

“Dear Gabriel it may seem to you
the priest has gained the most,
but when it’s said and done my son
to whom will Murphy boast?”

We may be able to deceive mere mortals at the best of times but to take on Divine Justice we will be certain to double bogie.

From the Book Laughter and Tears from the Bush.

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6 replies on “Divine Justice”

Hi Merv

Enjoyed the wit and pace of this poem as well as the story. Indeed, the priest feigned his illness to play golf but to whom could he boast of his luck, his golfing talent. It all had to remain secret and pehaps, with time some shame would set in. As always your tales are expressed with vivid characterization, local flair and a wonderful sense of humor.

Thank you!



On limited screen time, but just had to say Hi
and thank you for being here. I always read
even though I don’t reply. You already know
I love your work!

Hello to Chris..hugs to both of you.




G’day Wendy. Yes us mere mortals often underestimate The Wisdom of The Divines and forget we reap what we sow. I hope life is being kind in your neck of the woods. The humidity of late is very soul sapping here and we need some good rain badly. Cheers.


G’day Sarah. Our poetic friendship certainly goes back a ways. Do you ever hear from Jim at all. Though I started writing verse in my 40’s, t certainly became a big part of my life and enjoyed the journey and places it took me and the people I met. Time changes things but I must thank you for the big effort you extended to make my visits to The Pub an enjoyable experience. Look after yourself and thank you for sharing my verses.

Liked by 1 person

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