We always end up with the face of our truths.

                                                 Albert Camus

In the store window, she stares

at her face emerging from the mist

of blonde hair. A girl who exists

on the other side of something

beyond cheap bargains and a showroom.


Her tired eyes shutter the light

wanting to blink away the image

but knowing she must confront

her current life. The corner with cool wind

submitting to cold stillness. The moon a silver

reminder of his cufflinks crowning

a brand of fine cotton; or his keys

dangling a bright coin, a flippant sway.


And her heels pressing hard

like chalk against the side walk wanting

to draw a picture of pain. Something showers

could later wash away — like the painted bottle

of vodka in her hand. Its grey goose

just an outline hinting at truth.




4 replies on “Visage”


I’m trying to respond to everybody today. It kills me to read your work and not tell you how
much I feel it, love it, celebrate it. For now that has to be. Once I get past this point in my
life, I will be active again. In the meantime a huge thanks for sharing your work here. I am
a total fan! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to keep the lights on here.
I am so very grateful for your work, your presence and your friendship.



Someone else said, and I forget who, that our faces are the sum of our experiences. The face described here tells a tale of loneliness and, I think, disappointment. Perhaps disillusionment. She feels no more permanence than chalk marks on the sidewalk in a rainy season.


Hi Sarah

As always your kind words and encouragement of my poetic endeavors and work is always a big source of inspiration and help to me! I am ever so grateful for your continual interest in my poems and for always taking the tie to read my stuff. It means a great deal to me. So don’t worry about commenting, such rest and do whatever you must to get back to normal. I send you my prayers and well wishes!

Take care dear friend,


Hi Michael

Thank you so much for this wonderful and intuitive perspective regarding my poem! I deeply appreciate it and the thought you have given this work. I agree, our face, with its change in features and expressions, can be the sum of our experiences. Again thanks for commenting.

My best


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