The Mosquito


The mosquito’s wings that you hear
create that buzzing in your ear.
It is annoying, there’s no doubt;
but when it stops you’d best watch out.

6 replies on “The Mosquito”

The style of this piece is inspired by the poems of Ogden Nash. If you are not familiar with him, do yourself a huge favor and look them up. A particular favorite of mine is The Tale Of Custard the Dragon.

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Hi Michael

I know Ogden Nash well and enjoy his poems. And I very much enjoyed this one as well with its sharp-witted phrasing and line of warning at the end.

Nicely Done,


Thank you Wendy. Yes, as long as you can hear the mosquito it’s only annoying. Something I learned several years ago is that only the female is after blood.


I remember the old days Michael when we had no screens and you lay there tuned into the annoying creatures presence and then nothing … now you’d think … and give yourself a good slap where you anticipated he’d be. Nope the drone is back. Te minutes later you’d given yourself a good slapping and he still persisted. such was life. Have a great day mate.


I don’t think horror movies have been come up with anything is truly nerve-racking as being stalked by a determined mosquito. Thanks for the comment and the memory.


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