The Mosquito


The mosquito’s wings that you hear
create that buzzing in your ear.
It is annoying, there’s no doubt;
but when it stops you’d best watch out.


  1. The style of this piece is inspired by the poems of Ogden Nash. If you are not familiar with him, do yourself a huge favor and look them up. A particular favorite of mine is The Tale Of Custard the Dragon.

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  2. Hi Michael

    I know Ogden Nash well and enjoy his poems. And I very much enjoyed this one as well with its sharp-witted phrasing and line of warning at the end.

    Nicely Done,


  3. Thank you Wendy. Yes, as long as you can hear the mosquito it’s only annoying. Something I learned several years ago is that only the female is after blood.


  4. I remember the old days Michael when we had no screens and you lay there tuned into the annoying creatures presence and then nothing … now you’d think … and give yourself a good slap where you anticipated he’d be. Nope the drone is back. Te minutes later you’d given yourself a good slapping and he still persisted. such was life. Have a great day mate.


  5. I don’t think horror movies have been come up with anything is truly nerve-racking as being stalked by a determined mosquito. Thanks for the comment and the memory.


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