Each One Can(dle)…


We are having some browser issues.  I am not able to post with IE.
I have had a few other reports from members about the same issue.
I have no problem posting with other browsers. Here are free down-
load links to a couple of other browsers that I have found to work with
no snag.  I’m sure there are others too.



I am kind of neglecting this site for now to cut down on screen time. I’m hoping all Pubsters will keep the lights bright.

We need interaction and new posts and the camaraderie that makes a house a home.
We need our old esprit de corps.  I realize my not being active here is a bad
example and as soon as I can, I will return.

In the meantime I am trusting all of you Pubsters to make this place shine.

A huge thank you!


  1. Hello, Sarah,

    I hope you’ll be able to return to our Pub soon. My well-wishes through prayer are with you each day in this winter season. Lately my classroom doings have been challenging. I will tell you our Pub has offered a commercial break for me lately amidst all of work’s steady doings & deadlines. I appreciate that our place is open for our inspiring moments to have a landing field. I do appreciate your efforts, each one, to “keep our lights on” here. We see your image choice–the candlelight. Again, thank you for your efforts. Thank you for our Pub posed differently now as a blog. We’re adjusting, and my hopes are that we see what it takes to make a writing house a writing home.Thank you for everything. You are truly an inspiration for us all.


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  2. I can personally recommend Opera as an alternative To Internet Explorer. I was one who was having trouble making my first post. The irony was that I have long been an Opera user, but had gone in through Internet Explorer after checking information in my email.

    As a long time poster on the former incarnation of The Peaceful Pub, I am a strong believer in comments over giving likes; first because I like to see what someone thinks about my writing and second because it is for me a conversation wherein I get to learn about the person making the comment. I believe the place becomes the community through interaction.

    For this reason, wherever I read I will leave a comment instead of a like. I invite all who read my poems to do the same. Let’s get to know each other!

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