Welcome Home, Boardflak


It is a joy each time one of our founding members returns to the fold;
an added joy to have Michael return because he has been through
some mighty health issues and has not let them defeat him.

Most of you know that my computer time is limited.  I can not leave
my other sites unattended, but I can trust our loyal Pubsters to keep
the lights burning brightly at this one. When I work through the current
plague of disgruntled health, I will return to ‘active duty’ here.  In the
meantime my love and thanks to all of you who share your time and
talents to keep this place a home.

Punxsutawney Phil says it will be an early spring.  Let’s get this place

Welcome home, Michael.

One comment

  1. I am gratified and humbled by your welcome back to a place I have always considered a home. I am very happy to be back, and this was the first place for which I came searching. When I saw what happened in my Yuku board in the conversion to Tapatalk, I was not surprised when my search turned up a help thread about the deletion of The Peaceful Pub board. To my immense relief, a further search led me here.


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