Edifice Complex




I stuff my backpack full of words
and stake out a new page;
a white uncharted wilderness
on which to set my stage.

Stout words I choose as cornerstones;
my anchors for strong walls.
Already I see traceries
of framework for long halls.

I wonder as I place my words
to set color and tone:
will others build beside my work
or will it stand alone?

Satisfaction can be found in
an edifice of me;
but more I think when poets join
to make community.


  1. Sarah, I assume the backpack image was added by you. If so, a tip of the hat to you. I could not have come up with a better picture if I had looked for the rest of the month. Thank you!


  2. Michael,

    So good to have you back home at The Pub.

    Two fine poems. I so very much enjoyed reading

    Because of some minor health issues, I am
    limited in the amount of time I can peer at the screen.
    For this reason, I have done what I can to cut down
    my computer time. This includes a temporary neglect
    of this site. I read every word and glory in the talents
    of our poets, but I do not reply. I just “like”.

    It is my hope that the poets of this site will interact with
    positive reinforcement. It is understood that not every-
    one will like every poem, but there is something about
    every poem that is deserving of notice. So, in continuation
    of our past policy, we ask that no critiques are made
    unless the poet requests it. Because some people do
    like the workshop atmosphere, there is a ‘for critique’

    We have gotten away from commenting, largely, I’m
    afraid, because I don’t comment anymore. I am hoping
    you all will find a way to restore The Pub to its mission
    to spotlight and encourage our poets. A good way to
    do this is through comments.

    As you find your way around the site, no doubt there
    will be questions. We will all be glad to help you get
    acclimated. I check in at least once a day for email
    and for new posts here, as well as to service my
    other sites. Feel free to post any questions or email
    them, whichever you prefer.

    I am hoping to eventually become active here again.
    I miss the interaction.

    Welcome home!



  3. I was just signing off. Michael,

    I was so happy to add the picture. Feel free to add your own to any poem you post,
    or I will be glad to add it for you.

    If you would like to ‘do it yourself’ just click on the plus sign in the circle (first item
    in the text box tool bar, and add any image that is on your computer. That will put
    the picture with your poem and also on the front ‘title’ page.


  4. Thank you, for the comment and the explanation. I am a big believer in comments, and I will leave one wherever I read, as several who have posted likes on my forms will be finding.I hope those minor health issues will soon be in your past. For myself, I go next week to be evaluated or lens replacement surgery because I have cataracts. As the saying goes “if it ain’t one thing, it’s two.”


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