Photography poetry

Oh, Deer

Oh, Deer.

Step on over here.
I’d like to see you,
to say a word or two.

How are you? How do you do?
How were those flowers last night?
Were they yummy in your tummy,
making you feel all right?

Look at me, now all flower-free.
Look at thee, prancing freestyle,
with your bright hibiscus smile.

Oh, Deer. 




2 replies on “Oh, Deer”

Remember me? I use to post on the old peaceful pub, but I haven’t been on anywhere since June 2015 when I became paralyzed. I am now using voice recognition software in order to post.
but enough of that. I enjoyed this poem. The tolerant viewpoint of the observer is refreshing. The deer, after all, does not know about cultivated flowers; it just sees food.

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Hello! I do remember you! Welcome to our Pub—blog-style. I’m sorry to hear that you are paralyzed—thrilled that you are able to use voice recognition software to post. Looking forward to reading your works here. Take care.



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