Photography poetry


Parents definitely have them—
challenges within the given roles.

Parents are fences behind and before
a life song started for those adored.
Tagging titles, initial verses, and chorus,
parents, indeed, are fences for a child.

The nurturing ones initiate and separate
stages within ages — in heartbreaking times
and in times of confetti-called-for celebration.
Parents heed the call to stand taller than tall.

They lean near fences when it is time
and carefully open the gate, hoping all the while,
for positive positives. Oh. Oh, for goodness’ sake.




2 replies on “Parenting”

Oh, how I would love to read a Ptc poem. Maybe today? Thank you for your kind words. Funny how inspiration wraps around us keeping us snugly warm, our thoughts rich. You are an inspiring one! Bring on that poem today. Bless your readers!



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