While basking in silence of early morning,
I hear a bird or two outside my window.
On this close-to Christmas Day, I watch
nestled-in-green, illuminating white lights
reflect a variety of colors around them.

I’m reminded of light’s truthful declaration—
discontented newborns and annoyed nations
cry out for same things, demands for exact needs.

Oh, the stretch toward comfort and joy, more
restful states, states which ignite joy’s spark.

Bless all—discontented babies and nations—
and all mounting messes needing tending
as December lights speak linger-longer language
of peace, comfort, joy, and draw all near, closer to,

the repeats, the subtle reminders, which rally 
for more good stuff like soul-satisfying peace.

One comment

  1. Hi Jan

    What a beautiful poem and Christmas message! Thank you so much for sharing. The words and images conveyed, comfort deeply.

    Thank you & Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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