The Process



the process

You let the words

hatch, rise and mate

with other words


only to die

and leave want

lingering on my lips.


Their voice spent

like may flies in the grass,


their wings left

to gossamer in the sun —

a useless green.


And then the effort

is born again


as you loom

in your long slant of light

fishing for ways

to challenge and haunt, dip


me in the shallows

and expect I’ll find

a leaf swirl or drop

of rain widening

into some kind

of depth,


a developing



Note — How many times as writers do we think the “process” has led us to completion, that the final goal is at hand and then, then…. chaos erupts and nothing fits into place, words don’t sound right, the theme slips into a state of oblivion and the work is torn up?  The struggle, for the moment, seems futile and we hesitate to start again, but that may be the lesson of the creative “process”. Through failed efforts, something stronger, richer and more meaningful can possibly develop.  Like anything else in nature, the nature of writing is cyclical.  So why not directly address “the process” as an organic or living entity, make it aware of your presence, your understanding of its nature and its tactics. A bit like understanding the cycle of fishing and the may fly.

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