Fragile Strength

Precious is time
which has the time.

Ask a flower,
a pop of color,
a bloom,
any room.
Answers arrive
in silenced time.

Examine bloom’s
abilities to embrace
then release,
knacks needed when
dealing with time’s
the ins and outs,
start-ups and stop-its,
beginnings and ends.

Think of what’s to come
in future’s brimming days.
Imagine extensions-

new buds posing,
colors captivating,
soft scents soothing,

. . . all the bouquets . . .

a gift most precious,
time which has its time.

Ask, examine, think
In all this living
as Time treks by
extending messages,




  1. Well, it has been far too long since I had the pleasure of reading one of your magnificent poems…and this one by you and Willow! I miss him. This poem really appeals to the flower-lover in me…also it points out that time and life has its own yin and yang, and it is delightful.


    • Rich? Rich Roach? Is this you??? At the blog’s Peaceful Pub? On this cold, rainy December evening in 2018? Hello. Hello. Wow, Happy Holidays! My mouth just made a natural O-shape & then the biggest smile, almost a laugh, came suddenly! Welcome to the Pub, blog-style. I never had the opportunity to write a poem with Willow; this is my work. Thanks for reading & commenting. It’s so nice to see you in the writing world again.
      Welcome home to our Pub!



  2. Hi Jan

    Such a beautiful and introspective vision or perception of time. I love the metaphor of the flowers interwoven in the lines and used to express the nuances time offers. These lines so adeptly illustrate the precious gift/essence/spirit of true time —

    all the bouquets . . .

    a gift most precious,
    time which has its time.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    I really could relate.

    Take care


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