Lean closer.
You will hear it.
Look twice, and
you will find

more peace,
joy, and gratitude
in your heart
and in mine.

It is fragile.
It is a keeper.
Nothing to give away.
For thanksgiving is

at home,
at home
it shall stay.
I am home.




  1. Hi Jan

    Lovely way of describing “home” during this holiday. There is something endearing and special about celebrating this holiday in the shelter of our existence and that of our “soul” which is made personally sacred by the memories made there and the breadth of experience that has occurred over the years.

    Thank you for the reminder of this!

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  2. Wendy,
    Thank you for your visit here & your taking time to comment as well. We all know there is no place like it – no place like home.


  3. Good to read this poem of yours
    during our holiday of giving thanks.
    The warmth of home is in our hearts
    this time of year as we spend
    time with loved ones.

    We are at peace.
    We are home.

    take care,

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    • Thanks, Kerri, for stopping by to read & comment today. I hope your time with family brings joy & peace. I love November & the subtle peace in the season of Thanksgiving. It’s like November, an introvert, hushes before December, an extrovert, roars.–with flashing lights.


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