I, too, have been in the underworld like Odysseus,

          and shall be there often yet …

–   Friedrich Nietzsche


Tripping into court Morality

cringes silently,bells on the tips of his toes

exaltedly clang his life’s work as leotard

and tassels splash gangly to Wagner tones.

High beams and grey hooded revelers –

Lohengrin toasted from marble mugs,

filigree nectars beneficently gulped –

it was deemed our accused was a prophet,

allowing the death of Gods,

come to absorb us in non-existence.


Wise men in purple robes suggest

a lusty flogging, reflecting that violence

commenced with the comedy of pain.

Clenched brittle teeth crack,

synapses shatter and snap,

the gavel gashes hard, again and again,

against the tear-stained judge’s stand.

Pried from this seat of Turin justice

this jingler of Christian conscience

curses through rigor, foam and spit,

condemning his condemner

for striking the poor dumb beast below him.

One comment

  1. Hi Craig

    A very interesting poem here dealing with allegorical and operatic characters, especially “Morality” seen as
    a jester, “jingler of The Christian Conscience” and put on trial for his views and perspective. The pain that evolves from the comic is a kind of release, a catharsis that comments on society and its state of existence. It has been that way for decades/centuries from the Middle Ages through Shakespeare to the operas of the 19th century. And yet, should such views be condemned, it poses an excellent and intense question. I like the descriptive language in this piece and the phrasing. Very well done!

    Thank you for sharing,
    my best


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