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If I could see you one more time, I would laugh with you and be delighted to hear your laugh in return.

If I could hear your stories one more time, I would watch closely how the syllables form on your mouth.

If I could tell you one more thing, I would tell you how incredibly wonderful you are in this earthly life.

If I could I would, but I can’t for you have moved on to another realm, one humans must cross as finals.

If I could hold and hug you right now I’d give you the warmest embracing these arms could ever express.

Sometimes I think when there’s a loss such as you the heart’s depth of breaking seems so unbearable.

Yet, an echo, the heartbeat drumming in this achy muscle, my heart, holds close every memory of you.



1 reply on “Could”

This brought to mind some of my loved ones
that are greatly missed.
If only we COULD have that one more hug, hear that laughter
one more time.

A reminder to me to get
that hug while I still can.

Enjoyed reading.
take care,

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