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Sonnets from the Swamp II


November Tuesday

The Body Politic comes to the fore
And calmly flaunts a great hypocrisy
Then leaving all the truth behind the door
Insists that for each kiss there is a fee

Senselessly they seek a way to prove
That deep in rivers clogged by man’s pollution
Dreams might live while changing tides remove
Castles built on shameless elocution

But, yet, the Master’s universal plan
Allows few shadows (none of any note)
So, given time that’s free within the span
Of sun to moon,  you’ll have the time to vote

Thus folks might rail against the current trend
Of politicians playing, “Let’s pretend!”

4 replies on “Sonnets from the Swamp II”


I’m sorry I’m slow in replying. The difficulty seems to be with Internet Explorer and WordPress’ postbox. I’ve had a few reports that members can reply but they can’t post new work. I checked it out, and I find that I can’t post with IE either. I can reply but not start a new post. I am able to with other browsers. When you have time, if you would try posting something and let me know if you can. If you can not post, if you would let me know it would be a big help.
Thanks and btw…I love the imagery of you testing the air and the alliteration of browser browsing. I am having some brain issues (?) [ that they found one is a surprise to me. ] so I am kind of neglecting this site for now to cut down on screen time. I’m hoping all Pubsters will keep the lights bright. Will copy a part of this reply as a topic so everyone who uses IE can check it out.


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