Aluminum-Foil Ball


Before class begins,
a child’s small hands
holding a crumpled-foil ball
extend toward me.

Our eyes lock. She gently speaks,
“This is for you. I know you’ll
like this. It’s peppermint!”

“For me?” 

Holding the gift in my hands,
I pull apart the crinkled zigzag
opening to view the contents.

Clustered in the crumpled-foil
are nine clear-wrapped pieces,
peppermints, the reds, whites, greens
transparent in folds of wrinkled foil.

A clear vision reflects knowledge, sheer
joy, in a teacher’s sudden-watery eyes



  1. Jan,

    Not only did you save that moment forever,
    you shared it so we can savor it too. It is
    just such acts ( the gift and the preservation
    of it) that makes me know the human race is
    worth saving. Your poem lights stars in this
    foggy night sky. Thank you!


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    • It’s not every day we receive such a gift–a ball of sweetness. I have a small essential oil diffuser often puffing lavender or peppermint aromas in my classroom. I enjoy peppermint candy as well. To think she observed me & my likes & chose what to give me means the world. I liked her fancy wrapping paper, too!


      Liked by 1 person

      • Kids are amazing and I think the true yardstick of our possibilities. I’ve
        said it before…those precious children are
        blessed to be in your classroom (and vice versa).

        Liked by 1 person

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