I learned a new word and I love it. It is the way to say ‘thank you’ in the Nigerian Igbo language. The word is ‘Imela’… it is beautiful.

It all started when I kept hearing snippets of a song of praise on a local Catholic tv station where this word and other foreign ones were part of the chorus. I found myself humming it. Before long I was hooked on the song and the sound of the words so I did a search and found the hymn and their meaning.


Imela, Imela,

okaka onyekeruwa

Imela, Imela

Eze m Oh


which translates…


Thank you, thank you,

Great and mighty Creator of the world

Thank you, thank you

My King


It set me to thinking about all the things for which I should be giving thanks, every day.

So thank You, Gracias, Merci, Grazie, Tak, Shukriya, Arigato

Lord for the blessings you bestow on me

that far too often I accept so casually.

Still if the going gets too rough to bear

I remind myself that I can count on You.

Thanks to family, friends, even strangers who

Have in any way enriched my being,

Helped in the uplifting of my soul…

Have brightened my days

And lightened my load,

Accompanied or supported me as I travel this

Sometimes rough road

Called life.

Thank you even to those who sometimes cut deep,

Who caused me to weep

Bitter tears

Because now I am stronger

And time heals or at least lessens all pain.



10 replies on “Imela”


It is a beautiful word and a beautiful poem.
Life might have kept you away from the Pub
for a time, but it most certainly did not steal
your talent. You’ve created another addition
to my list of favorites.

Thank you!!



Dear Maryse

The cadence and sound is not only beautiful but uplifting and the message so beautiful. Following that , is the beauty of your own poem celebrating what has been given to you in the gift of Faith. This is a psalm of gratitude and a testament to one’s deep faith.

Thank you so much for sharing!
My Best


Trini! How wonderful to hear the strain of your song again! This is such a sweet gem of thought and sound. It’s funny how I stumbled on to this tonight. I am blessed.


Thank you Sarah. I miss being around on a more regular basis, but every chance I get I come by. Like we say here meh navel string is buried here…’. 😉. Glad you enjoyed.

Kindest regards,



A wise message and one I can echo wholeheartedly. Being paralyzed, I can still thank God that I still have my brain and the voice to speak with voice recognition software and communicate with the world again.


Thank you boardflak. Lovely to see you here. Did not know that you were paralyzed, but yes thank God you have life and the ability to communicate. Abundant blessings.

Kindest regards,



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