Interview with a Metaphor




You have been quiet of late,

but I understand you’re looking

to come back strong.

Even in your dead period,

going unnoticed as it were,

you have been described as a matchmaker.


I have introduced many a first object to second objects,

often bringing out the best in the first. No question.


You are of Greek lineage. Is that correct?


The early Greeks philosophers were the first to define me

and discussed me often, but I can trace roots to cave paintings.

I was tight with Aristotle.


How was he to hang with?


It was exhilarating. He and the Sophists put me on a pedestal,

called me master, genius. They would introduce me as

‘one thing that can’t be learned from others.’


You are called by many names and confused with many others.

Do you have a favorite?


Yes, I’ve heard allegory, figure of speech and of course

everyone thinks of me as being like a simile.

I prefer trope, it sounds primal, a bit risqué in a guttural way.


You have been described in certain journals as having

a bit of a split personality.


Well I am always juggling between tenor and vehicle

but never in a destructive way.

I think of it more as being comprised of two parts.


Speaking of parts, you have had some great ones,

but never won an award.


I’ve been in almost every award winner and you’re right

I’ve had some classic roles.

Some of my favorites have been the Heart,

where I basically play the moral code of all humanity.

And of course, Plato cast me as the Sun

where I was the source of all ‘intellectual illumination’.


Have you enjoyed your life in entertainment

and would you change anything if you could do it over?


Well of course and after all, the world is a stage

and we are merely players. We all have our exits and entrances.

If I could do it over, I’d make more entrances.


What was it like working with Shakespeare?


I think he was an alien. Next question.


What are we going to compare today?


As you pointed out I’ve been somewhat dormant lately,

carried away by passions, so to speak.

I’m thinking I want to do something active and personified.

I haven’t done a planet in a while – or perhaps something sub-atomic.


We certainly wish you luck with that.

Thank you for your time and your insight.








3 replies on “Interview with a Metaphor”

“What was it like working with Shakespeare?

I think he was an alien. Next question.”

Too funny!
His talent does seem otherworldly.

Take care,


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