Time Out

 time out

The yellow sign warns

dip ahead — and in that lull of road,

that hollow of our throat.

there’s the gist of something, something needed


to let the hot breath cool

slowing toward a pause. The evening light

whispers colors into a field

of dust and scrub weed. A beautiful slur

of mauve and lavender. Its wasteland

( at this moment) not so easily judged


while in the distance two

mourning doves land

on a metal post. The rhetoric of lamps

still unlit. It’s now just the calm

body language of birds,


and own our saying —

let’s wait and see.



  1. Wendy,

    I love the analogy and the deft way you created it.
    Your mastery of language most certainly “whispers colors into a field”.

    Those ‘bump in the road’ or ‘dip ahead’ signs are fair warning, and
    good reminders to pause for a moment, to practice caution and sometimes
    to “wait and see’.

    The imagery is stirring. I love where ‘rhetoric of lamps’ takes me and also
    the mention of ‘wasteland’. Such grand tone setters.

    You’ve aced it again!



  2. Dear Sarah

    As always, your intuitive and gracious comments regarding my poetry are so deeply appreciated!! I am glad you enjoyed this one and could relate.

    Take care
    my best always,



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