Today’s Morning Walk

How nice
to hear
soothing sounds
on this morning walk

Mockingbirds echo
mimicked songs

Lawnmowers shuffle
season’s first leaf-fall

Laughter rolls from 3 ladies
waltzing from adventures at
the neighborhood garage sale

How refreshing
to see their glee –

their smiles beam
as purses sway,
their purchases
drape on arms

How nice
to hear
comfort’s call

“Woo Hoo!” from a child
frolicking on a front lawn

Stroller wheels’ turns
on nearby pavement

A baby’s babbling coo
A brother’s bike tire’s swerves
An attentive mother’s nurturing
advice to her young ones

The crunch from an
upright squirrel’s
nutty munch

“Good Morning!”
trailing, sailing
through yards
toward a porch
from a mailbox
to another porch

There’s little interference –
no phones
tablets nor TV

no news of
incoming storms or
a storm’s devastating
afterwards, the aftermath

no flood damage
property damage

no police murders
no political spats,
no spewing wars
from a nation’s
nasty mouth

There’s peace like a river
in a caring community
where motors from
lawnmowers harmonize

Where smiles on faces
and waves from
outstretched hands
greet a day’s full dose
of what’s lovely — gratitude

How nice
How refreshing
Moved I am by this walk
on my Saturday morning

Moved I am by
no interference
No interference


Can these times just stay a bit longer and
not come so quickly unraveled and undone?



  1. Chris and I always enjoy it when we can get away in the caravan and go to some isolated places and get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Just like your morning stroll.


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