The Gypsy Roan

the gypsy roan

There is a storm gale in her eyes
and the stillness of her mane
waiting to gust the field
in leaf-red motion. Her back
carries the weight of my mind —
seated light, set to inhale
the morning chase. She seeks
that strain of abandon I love — a brisk wind
enflamed by trees, stories lurking
in the breath of mist or shadow, a spirit
out-growing her skittish ways.


The beautiful painting is called “The Chestnut Trot” by artist,  Gary  Cooley.





7 replies on “The Gypsy Roan”


Your words and the painting create a sense of motion and grace.
Every line is a spiritual experience. That last line is the bow on the package:

” a spirit
out-growing her skittish ways.”

I feel the wind in my hair as I read it.


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As always, Dear Sarah

Your kind words and continual interest in my work are so deeply appreciated!! I am glad you enjoyed “the ride” and could “feel the wind in your hair”. There is nothing like watching a horse gallop in the Autumn Wind or prepare to gallop.. They become the spirit of Autumn herself.

Again many thanks!
Take care

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Hi Merv,

I am so glad you enjoyed the poem and sincerely appreciate your lovely comment. Indeed, it is a beautiful feeling to watch a horse take to the wind and field, especially in Autumn. Their free spirit and sense of abandon can be intoxicating. I,too, have watched and been on the back of a horse enjoyed the ride and tasting the freedom of wind and open air.

Again, thank you!


Hi Sunnyside

So glad you enjoyed this poem and am glad you are sharing it with others on your blog! Thank you for the compliment and for letting me know how you feel about the poem!

My Best


Hi Sunnyside

Thank you for reading and commenting on this poem! I deeply appreciate your interest in this piece and am glad you want to share it on blog!

again many thanks!


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