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Heart O’ Mine


Heart O’ Mine

Oh, heart o’ mine, how well you know
so much that’s within me–you know the depths,
the ins and outs through each and every season,
before and after a storm, during a trial,
each testing time, you keep me comforted, warm.

You know famine; you know drought.
You’ve skipped with hope, joy, and peace
when times were mountaintop experiences.
You’ve ambled slowly when steps could barely go.
How you’ve paused with me. At times, you’ve caused
the slight slow down to regroup, reframe, and reconfigure.

At times, you’ve called the shots to make me look another way –
even in those determined days when I didn’t want to.
Oh, heart, you turned me anyway to exclaim, “Look. See.”
Heart o’ mine, you’re true. You direct my paths toward brighter light.
Heart o’ mine, you understand loss and sorrow, the deep, deep pain.
Oh, how you call me to take note of all the gains. ‘Tis a long list you say.
I look your way. Encouraged I am. I count on you again and again.

Heart o’ mine. Heart o’ mine. Oh, oh, oh, oh, heart o’ mine.
Oh, heart, my start, my end, my begin-again. Oh, heart o’ mine.


2 replies on “Heart O’ Mine”

Because of your moving, lifting words, I trust my heart a little more this morning. Thank you for consistently putting your thoughts to our eyes and ears. I like the way you think.


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