A Time Window by Francina Hartstra

Many of our Pubsters also have their own blogs. Anyone who has a blog and would like to share it, please email me a link, or include it with your profile. From time to time we will feature work from those blogs (with your permission, of course.)

I came across a post on Francina’s blog that would not let go once I had read it. I have reblogged it here. Please also check out her photography, especially her photos from her jaunt through England, as well as her collection of poetry in English and Dutch. Her blog is a treasure chest of the arts..

Poetry and Art


Remember Vietnam,
the photo of the little napalm girl?
I do, do you?

Remember, back then,
how we stood up together,
united, worldwide.

Make Love not War,
no more bombs, no more killing,
no more, no more.

Do you hear the children cry?
Libya, South Sudan, Pakistan.
Do you know why?

Do you see the children bleed?
Palestine, Nigeria, Yemen.
Do you weep?

Do you see the children die?
Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan.
Do you cry?

Tell me,
where did the Love go,
where did it go?

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  1. Francina,

    Thank you for allowing me to reblog your poem. It makes a pivotal statement for our world of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This poem has a timeless message that the world needs to hear.

    Many thanks.

    As ever,



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