The Poet’s Equinox


the poet's equinox

I kept trying to speak, and found myself dumb — which is not a comfortable situation for a professional writer, a creature with language at her core

                                                                                Terri Windling


in its own sac of  white noise, my  voice

hasn’t broken free  in weeks, At best, a shadow fluttering

beneath a paper lantern –lit

by the breath of routine. But this morning  it’s different —

the risen day

more than vestal fire

as  light  filters through shade

re-shaping soft orange and dark leaves

into winged forms that palpitate

in our dogwood tree. A mirage of  monarchs (returning)

with miscarried impulse

and words

that have lingered like unborn souls

in a limbo I can’t define. Water keeps falling

in the distance, the street sprinklers

symphonic in size , and I smell the christening

of a new season.


  1. Wendy,

    What a super celebration of a new season of the pen, as well as of Autumn.
    The title is perfection and so is the photograph.

    “a shadow fluttering

    beneath a paper lantern –lit

    by the breath of routine.”

    I know that feeling. I have felt it and languished in its depths
    but I have never found such powerful and telling words to
    convey it. You are poet through and through and you always

    ” I smell the christening

    of a new season.”


    I love it!



  2. Dear Sarah

    Your words and insight on this poem truly brighten my day and help to keep me inspired and confident that my work matters. Thank you so very much for this and your continual support of my work and friendship. It enriches my writing and my life. This Summer , for some reason, I have been plagued by writer’s block or inertia, what ever you want to call it. Yes, I was able to write a piece or two but nothing seemed to flow or work out as I wanted. However, with Autumn coming and a change in light and temperatures, something clicked and this poem was the result. Hopeflully, it’s a good sign. Again, thank you!

    Hi Inspirelatia

    Thanks so much for commenting on this poem. I am glad you liked it !

    My Best


  3. Thank you Echo poet

    for reading and commenting on this poem! And yes, the change of seasons always inspires, ignites the literary flame especially going toward Autumn.

    My best


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