togetherAfter lying in the stillness

of  near death, she passed; willows sweeping

out the heat of August,


a mourning dove hooked

to a broken street lamp, a blue


exhale of cornflowers

through the backyard gate. Your sister gone


and as  you grieve,  I simply

hold your hand.  Silence and touch

comfort more than words.


They’re saved for later

when sorrow turns to memory

and our voices scatter

into the wild garden at dusk.



  1. Wendy,

    I am captured by the tone and imagery, and the caring.

    “Silence and touch/comfort more than words”

    That is usually so very true, but in the case of the words
    that poured from your soul into “Together” little could have
    more impact or be more comforting. Some people are gifted
    with a golden pen and some are gifted with a golden heart;
    you, my friend, have been gifted with both.



  2. Hi Jan

    What a beautiful commentary on my poem — a poem within itself! Thank you so much for sharing y our thoughts. I deeply appreciate them!

    Hi Sarah

    As always, dear friend, your thoughts and wisdom brighten my day and make me believe my poetry has merit. Thank you so much for these kind words toward my work. It means a great deal to me!!

    My best to you both,
    please take care


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