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Tricky Ads


Got to love advertising,
whether it’s a snippet
sourced from a newspaper,
billboard, magazine, TV, radio,
digital—text, email—or snail.

They hook you
right away from the get-go.
“Percentages off the fall layers-
-because you know what’s coming.”
Wh-a-a-a-t? We know what’s coming?
Hmm, think about that one. Really?

Not hardly.
Truth trips right there.
Good times?  Hardships?
More joy ? More pain?
Shifting surprises arrive.
Less sunshine?  More rain?

We don’t know what’s coming.

‘Tis tricky language shared through
advertising’s directing attempts.
Ah, friend, if we knew what was coming,
wouldn’t some folks scream to
mountain tops right now about then?

3 replies on “Tricky Ads”

Hi Jan

I very much enjoyed this take on those “tricky adds”. And yes, we never know what is really coming but the advertisers attempt to sway our minds, to make us imagine what we need and want. Clever and insightful, I truly enjoyed reading this and agree with its premise.

Thank you,

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