Fifty Six Years Have Gone

On August thirty first , nineteen sixty
Two, our islands gained their independence;
How proud we were it gave us such a sense
Of pride, people of this twin island state.
We now enjoyed a new found liberty;
Our cup was full but then so was our plate.

Fifty six years have passed and now I cry
Though our islands have grown by leaps and bounds,
But every where we turn we hear the sounds
Of gunshots as we recoil in despair
And look on helplessly as people die..
What happened to this land we love so dear.

Rise up ‘Trinbagonians’, take a stand,
Our country needs us and we have to fight
The evils that have near blotted from sight
The beauty of our isles, made us forget,
But we have to rise up, take back our land
From criminals, the war is not lost yet.



Trinbagonian… a popular term for people of our combined islands of Trinidad and Tobago

4 replies on “Fifty Six Years Have Gone”

“The war is not lost yet”

A huge amen to that, Maryse!

Those words could be a banner for the peace movement.

Here’s hoping that peace will return to your island paradise
and to the world at large.

Your poem resounds with hope and pain, and most obvious
of all, with love for your island home.

So very glad to see you posting.

Thank you!


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Hi Maryse

As Sarah said, so good to see you back here posting. And your poem is a call to realize the truth and take action. You make an impact with these strong and intense words. I am so sorry to hear of the violence that is overtaking your country and will pray for you and your island nation, for a return to justice, sanity and change.

Please take care and God Bless!
my best


Thank you Sarah. Good to be back. This was written a few years ago but is as pertinent now, perhaps moreso, as it was then.




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