Bride In Waiting

( Inspired by an old Slavic  folksong)



bride in waiting


I will gather rocks from the ruin
to restore the flame’s hearth, the water’s well.

I will breathe in wind from the pines

and unlock the rusted gate.  Its field sparse

but meant for gardening. The  gypsy seeds

resettled, content. And soon –.


fine roots will sprawl. The radish bell

will blossom in our bones.  its crisp peal

making you  crave – something new yet native.,

a  partnership, a home, a soul.


  1. Dear Wendy,

    This is gorgeous in every sense.

    It is a precious vow. Each poem that you write fills a spot in the soul,
    and this one is even more special. You have created music and imagery
    that transports the reader.

    You have done some awesome pairings of painting and poem, but none
    more so than this pairing. It makes the whole world feel new and pure.

    I love it.



  2. Thanks so much Sarah

    for these beautiful words and endorsement of my poem!! As always, I am touched by your interest and reaction to my poetry; and deeply, deeply appreciate your continual support and encouragement. It means so much!!

    Again, many thanks,


  3. What an experience reading this lovely poem, Wendy.

    Especially love:

    “The radish bell
    will blossom in our bones.”

    Wonderful last lines.

    take care,


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