Into the Eyes

Into the Eyes (about writing)

I’ve looked high. I’ve searched low.
If I could just look into the eyes of a poem
I’d warmly say, “Hello”.

If I could whisper into a poem’s ear,
“Come here,” I’d say.
I’d softly sing a welcome song,
“It’s been way, way too long.”

If I could smell and feel a poem’s presence,
like April’s wild rush of warm-wind sweeps,
pitter-patterings, rhythmical marchings of rain bands,
hear resounding of tappings on steamy sidewalks,
there’d be little desire for much more entertainment.

If I could taste a poem’s spirit,
simply bask in sensational sharings-
initial bite of season’s first-ripe strawberry,
delightful dipping in bronze-tipped meringue,
sipping of hot chocolate’s charms
on a puff-fog-from-mouth morn,
a quiet cascade of snowflakes, each tumbling from Heaven,
the capture, the landing, the melting on my tongue.

There’d be a message given and received;
my whole being would hear it and
wish to hear again, again  – and again.

I’m looking high. I’m searching low.
If I could just look into the eyes of a poem,

I’d warmly say, “Hello”.  I tried. Goodbye.



  1. Jan.

    I love that vibrant photograph and the poem. Methinks you look a poem in the eye
    each time you put the pen to page, or imbue your keyboard with your magic touch.
    Keep on keeping on!!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      Salutations on Saturday! These are older works paired together from ((old Pub days)). Best blessings to you today! I am trying so hard to adapt to summer’s exit. We begin school Aug. 13–times which are near. So good to see you today. (We are scooting through these Pub walls & halls at the same time.That’s cool about cyberspace poetic sharing.) Oh, & the cyberspace coffee, too! (Clink, Clink) These times are dear, indeed, my writing friend.



  2. Jan,

    I am really sad to summer end so quickly. Our schools reopen on August 17th.
    You are even earlier…just not fair! The cyber coffee is always a treat, as is the
    company! Thank you for being here. I love the synchronicity!


    Liked by 1 person

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