With You

Excuse me,
dear loved one,
stop a moment
as I stop a moment.

You must know how
I carefully observe
time along with you,
with guarded prayers
in life’s waiting times.

Admiration for you
stands as a lighthouse
in a vast, changing sea.
From here I watch
lights brimming.
Even in the dimming,
changing light is still light.

Tumultuous waves crash,
turbulent currents travel
off-setting the familiar tides,
charting an unfamiliar imbalance.
Yet, there is an unspeakable peace
steadily returning as ocean waves
washing over the weariness.

Every beam from above
delivers the glimmer,
a golden glow, highlighting
what I trust and know.

Excuse me,
dear loved one,
stop a moment
as I stop a moment, too,
to recognize the depth of deep.

What an honor to house this
affection abiding in my heart,
keeper of you, oh, precious friend.
The earth does this, too,
safe-keeping Snowdrops,
first blooms in springtime,

just for me, just for you.

May11 049


  1. Dear Sarah,

    Peace, as an option for living a life, has too-notch quality, like gold. It is gold in the soul.

    Have a nice Saturday. Let’s share this cyberspace coffee now. (Clink, clink, friend to friend across the miles…thank you for your friendship.)

    Today is our wedding anniversary around here. We’ve been blessed with some wonderful years; this we know & appreciate.

    Blessings to you,



  2. Jan, I hear you and know the place of love and peace from which you cast your words. “Even in the dimming,
    changing light is still light.” Thank you for the undimmed light of language of your heart.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Ptc,
      We gather these words like flowers for a bouquet, and then we share them. I’m glad you’re here at The Pub today. It’s always nice to see you & read your words.

      Liked by 1 person

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