Celebrating Summer



  1. Hi Sarah

    What a beautiful poem and address to the tongue and soul of the tree, of the season. A leaf is so significant , it tells so much about the climate and the beauty of both nature’s condition and that of our own human condition. Love the line , ” this leaf that is mothered by the maple”. Yes it is like a child that is nurtured and reared into something green and growing, something with its veins, like that of our human writs and palm, tells much about the fate and life lines of the wild and earth.

    So much enjoyed!
    My Best

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  2. I, like Wendy, am drawn to the line “this leaf that is mothered by the maple.” Thank you for that image that leads me, in a quick jump, to think that next Spring new leaves will be mothered by this maple. And thank you for reminding me that these really are the glory days.

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  3. That green that is kept alive in the mind,
    made me think of how that green
    helps us make it through some of the tough times in our lives.

    Very much enjoyed reading.
    take care,

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  4. It’s always a joy to see you here, Kerri,

    Your kind words are so much appreciated. I’m guessing the girls are
    getting ready to head back to school. It seems like summer didn’t last
    very long this year. I saw a wooly worm on my stoop yesterday. I hope
    that doesn’t really mean an early winter.



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