Braiding Time

Living life is like braiding hair.
Grab Yesterday’s sound experiences,
straighten them out the best you can.

While sorting experiences
and discerning the learnings,
you then pull them in allowing
them to mix well with Today.

Overlap Tomorrow’s dreams,
the big, bigger, and even small ones,
hoping connections blend evenly.
Look. Again. Allow yourself to see.

Balance exists in time’s trio—
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, 
those patterned pieces of life
grappling in gathering moments,
catering to what we wish for— 

wisdom in its purest form.

Life’s parts make the whole.
Past. Present. Future.
Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

With wisdom there is no worry.
There is recognition of what is.
There may be a repeat or a redo.

Overlapping.  Defining.
Smoothing out rough parts.
Renaming. Reframing. Living.

Living life is braiding time.



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