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Feeling Low? Pour Some Paint

Fluid Abstract Art by Ptc

Feeling Low? Pour Some Paint

Birds and fish find their way
Through paint-poured streams
and meadows. They stay.

Lilies open their petals
In a fluid color flood
That moves the paint
To full-bloom flower
Started as a bud.

I’m just pouring fluid paint
And having lots of fun.
While Science and the Nature
Of Fluid Art make a run
Across my canvas
And over the sides
Puddling on paper down below

Circles and swirls
Peaks, blends and drips
Moving together, I see
A green fish, a woman in gray,
a brown-winged bird
Looking up at me.

Abstract Fluid Art by Ptc                                                                                      On Wood

I search for these treasures in my fluid art,
Poured-paint pictures that captivate. 

A landscape, pebbled river,
rising moon or sun
I’m eager to see the image
Of the poured paint run.

Feathery, elliptical
Meandering and still
The art that’s made
When paint is poured
Gives my heart a thrill.

On paper, canvas, tile or wood,
Glass and even rocks, some say.
If you spend an hour pouring paint,
You’ll want to spend a day.

Pour some blues with a little bronze
A little black and white.
One hour leads to another and another.
Before you know, you’ve spent the night
Pouring paint

It’s nothing new, this pouring paint.
Sequeiros is said to be the first
To pour his Accidental fluid art.
Inspiring Pollack and Jenkins and others
Whose works inspire us to start
Pouring paint.

FullSizeRenderblue and pink cup
Abstract Fluid Art by Ptc Image left in a plastic cup


Note: If your interest has been piqued, check out You will find a free five-lesson course and references to how-to articles and Youtube videos produced by fantastic teachers. Have some fun this summer, pouring paint.





9 replies on “Feeling Low? Pour Some Paint”

This, Ptc, dear one, is truly amazing!

I’ve read it/looked at it twice, and I know I will frequent this post just for the sheer joy of getting lost in your creativity. The artistic designs are magical. Your talent is true. Remarkable really. Readers/observers are stepping into a part of the gallery of you & your work. It’s nice to see you at the Pub in mid-July.

What fine work!



Hi, Ptc,

I’m back to fall into the wondrous work here. It’s captivating! Is your new profile picture an acrylic pouring? Very interesting stuff in this post today. Great stuff!



Thank you, Sarah. I am happy to see you here again. I hope you will check out the URL. I missed seeing you here last week. I will write you E-mail. ptc


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