Garden Bouquets

Look at me.
Smile at me.
Stare at me.
Reach to touch.
A bit selfish?
No, just centered
as my heart refills.
I focus on today.
I become aware,
more balanced
in sorting joy.
Look at me.

I will return favors,
indeed, just for you.
Inspiration arrives
as garden’s bouquets.
The flowers are beautiful.

No doubts. Assurance is assured.
Every time. Every time
we are inspired.
Look at us.


May11 113.jpg


  1. Jan,

    Your writing is sending out abundant joy and energy.
    It is sure to awaken the muses of all your readers.
    The poetry is evocative and lovely and so is the photograph.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful summer.


    Liked by 1 person

    • This summer is great! I am walking 2 mi. each morning before the heat moves in, and that in itself is rejuvenating. Summer is beginning to move quickly now. The new school year is just around the bend. Thanks for your encouraging words, Sarah. Take care.



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