The Occurrence


A “walk–in”  occurs when someone is so exhausted from life’s adversity   they wish to leave the mortal body and travel elsewhere. Often ,when such a person comes close to death, an exchange happens. The individual departs his or her body leaving way for a new soul to enter…

                                                                       From The New Age Of Mysticism

Because the house is a dark hush

of low ceilings and stone walls, the steps

too narrow like her hips

that could scarcely birth a son,

she shuns her work

and a lamp flickering

near some raw wool

that has been carded and hand-stretched

into something useful.


Outside, the late sun screams in glare,

willows shutter and she runs toward the gate

falling against a large rock. Her breath

suddenly cast to the wind and its wild

spit of petals shaken from the stalk.


In an aimless whirl

of thistle hair and Queen Anne’s lace,

she sheds her grief and leaves

her body lying in the field. Another

woman’s shadow stretches beneath

patching a sparse corner of grass.


Only the trees felt her coming.



  1. “Her breath

    suddenly cast to the wind and its wild

    spit of petals shaken from the stalk.”


    The above quote is our newest addition to Bon Mots.
    Every pen stroke/key stroke paints a picture.

    Fine evocative work.

    Take a bow.



  2. Thanks so much Sarah,

    I am glad you enjoyed this one and deeply appreciate your gracious comment; and am sincerely honored some of my lines has made it into “bon mots”. What a lovely privilege to have my work shown there as well.

    Again, many thanks!
    take care


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