Quiet Is The Day

quiet is the dayWe  liked to shimmer glamorously behind the silhouette

of retrospective good times …..

                                           Zelda Fitzgerald


You might call them sculpture, beautiful lovers

befitting characters in an F. Scott novel.

In the sun, their clothing gleams porcelain white.

Cotton–silk that complements

the blue ocean and bicycle

they both lean against, listening

for an echo. Something that recites

the scene; water, wind, the wail

of shore birds on the horizon, but nothing

of  their own voice.


If they were to speak, confess

what is crucial,  they might

fall away with the tide or  sea gull

lowering his glide behind the pines.

The woman tilts her hat, the man twists his cufflinks.

Angled differently, their accessories

draw more light. Like ghosts

they dissolve in the glare, absolved

of finding their real perspective.



  1. Picture, Quote and poem beguile!


    ” …listening

    for an echo.

    Something that recites

    the scene; water, wind, the wail

    of shore birds on the horizon, but nothing

    of their own voice.”

    To give one’s self to the scene so completely
    and then to capture it with your pen
    so others can see it too, is a grand feat. You
    have accomplished it with flair.



  2. Love this.

    As soon as I saw the quote by Zelda Fitzgerald
    I thought, “Uh oh.”
    That that couple might be in a little bit of relationship trouble
    as the Fitzgeralds were in the end.

    Love these lines:

    “Angled differently, their accessories
    draw more light. Like ghosts
    they dissolve in the glare”

    The glare made me think of things
    such as a lifestyle like the Fitzgeralds had in Paris.

    The couple get so caught up in
    things (the glare) that original love is forgotten or gone.

    Enjoyed much.
    Take care, dear friend.



  3. If they were to speak, confess

    what is crucial, they might

    fall away with the tide or sea gull

    love these lines. grand write.


  4. Dear Sarah

    Thank you so much for these lovely & insightful comments on my poem! I am glad you enjoyed it. As always, your support and enthusiasm toward my work are so deeply appreciated!

    Dear Kerri

    I think that couple and couples like them, so often reflected in Scott’s work, glitter on the surface and underneath there is tension, malaise and other sad factors that slowly erode the relationship as well as their own confidence and sense of who they truly are. Your definition of “them” is right on target. Thank you so much for contemplating this poem!!

    Dear Dee,

    So glad this poem resonates with you and that you enjoyed its content! I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful comments. Thank you!

    My Best to everyone,
    take care,


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