A Happening

Summer storm
warm, pounding
loud,  soaking.

Choking  with laughter
we sat uncovered
Mary Poppins umbrellas blooming
as others ran from the music.

Dripping with notes of younger days
we stayed, listened
until the band ceased to play
got up, walked away
laughing at the splashing from our shoes.

Summer rain
small price to pay
for a one time happening.
Water tells the story.






8 replies on “A Happening”

Wow, it was a day almost like today, weatherwise.

July 6-8…mark your calendar…3 good bands…

“Summer rain
small price to pay”



I love the sounds, the energy, and most of all
the memories!

so very much enjoyed!



A delight to read this.
The joy of the day shines through
and touches the reader
who can share in it.

Very much enjoyed reading.
take care,



I enjoyed reading your delightful poem on this rainy (actually stormy) June evening. I hope life is treating you well. Take care.



Thanks for the read Jan. Yes, we have had quite a few stormy days here of late. I am well, except for a fractured ankle. It will prevent another “happening” this summer. Ah, but Fall is yet to coe!


What’s a little water between friends? I would like to think I would’ve stayed as well to enjoy the music. Great poem!


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