Mere Moments

It does not matter
that only a handful
of my poems are
ever published.

It does not matter
that a personalized book
bearing my signature scripts
may never be bound.

For cares of the moment
are for just that—
to stop long enough to see
the monumental moment.

The mere words combine
a mood, voice, song, sound,
a choice to find a home
nestled cozily in the heart,
precisely where a poem ends up,
exactly where it starts.



  1. Jan,

    Lovely! The important thing is to write what’s in your heart.
    But, I think your children’s grandchildren would appreciate
    having a book authored by their great-great grandmother.
    It takes time and effort and a lot of frustration, but it is something
    you can do. Now is the time, before bad eyesight and myriad other
    ailments keep you from it. I used to do a book in a couple of months,
    now it takes me a couple of years. I’m working on a new collection
    of my writing, and it is slow going. I am hoping you will check out
    Lulu, or Create a Space on Amazon or any of a number of other self-
    publishers and buckle down and DO It!!!

    I love your poem.


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    • Sarah,

      You, one of my dear inspiring ones, are an amazing writing friend! Love to you on Summer Solstice! Whew, it’s HOT here. Thanks for the encouraging feedback.


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      • Jan,

        Hot and humid here too. I feel as if I’m in the tropics…but it’s cool inside. I go out to catch a few rays and then pop back in to
        cool off. I love the million shades of green and the masses of bloom. It’s summer, get started on that book (but save some time for the Pub!) : )


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  2. This poem matters Jan as will everyone you have penned. It will matter generations later.
    I have a copy of one poem from a cousin on maternal side of family. It was found
    in a Bible. It told me where this writing gene came from. Until then I had no evidence from
    where it came. It was written in 1931. Keep writing.


  3. Simply put, a poem comes from within and not to allow its birth would be anathema to the poet. I have my mother’s poetry, several slim little exercise books, plus a fair few single sheets of writing paper; a little yellowed now, but still they count. My eldest granddaughter Olivia has suddenly started to write poetry. She has read my humble offerings in the past, but a couple of months ago I showed her some of my mother’s early poems and she loved them; thus, for me, they are already immortalised.


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    • Douglas,
      Nice seeing you here today.
      I know…how special writing is…as a connector…for all of us. I have 3 letters that Daddy wrote to me. His Charles Schulz characters are lightly sketched on the back…so, so precious.



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