Spring Will Sing Her Song Again

Spring will sing her song again
when I have accepted
there were never any promises
and I can breathe the April
air without thinking of you.
Spring will sing her song again
when the words I put to pen
are not always about you
and I can savor the blazing Fall
without falling apart.
Spring will sing her song again
when violets are only
purple flowers I’ll pass by
and soft Spring rain won’t make me
cry and I can chase the fireflies alone.
I have stopped listening for the phone
to ring. Today, I heard a robin sing.

3 replies on “Spring Will Sing Her Song Again”


This poem takes me back to precious times.
It is lyrical and lovely and just a tiny bit sad.

Impossible to stay sad for long when one hears
the robin’s song. I hear it clearly as I read that
wonderful last line, and I’m reminded Spring always
will come again.

It is wonderful to be reading Dee poems again!

Thank you!



Thanks Sarah. It took retirement & a fractured ankle to get me back here. Now I shall
have to find where my muse is hiding. Yes, Spring will always come again.

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Whatever it takes, Dee, : )

but hopefully the ankle will heal, retirement will be a joy
and your muse will soar.

While waiting for those happy events, post those oldies from the original Pub.
It will make these poetic halls sparkle.



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