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Jewels in the Grass


When Daddy Taught Me to See

“Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun.” Ecclesiastes 11:7

On a Saturday morning, early
He yelled from the yard for Momma to go outside.
I was eight, maybe ten, and washing last night’s supper dishes.
Thinking some tool was lost or broken,
I hurried to get the kitchen clean
So Momma could cook breakfast for six when they returned.

“Patsy, come out here,” he called.

I saw them both, kneeling on the grass near a pecan tree,
staring at something I couldn’t see.
“Quick, Patsy. Come! Look!
They’ll be gone soon. Jewels in the grass.”

Crawling on hands and knees, I saw.
Sunlight slanted through the tree branches,
lighting the dewdrops in the grass.


*Haiku born from that experience:


Light of morning sun
Slants through leaves to dew-drenched ground
Jewels in the grass.

5 replies on “Jewels in the Grass”

Hello, ptc.

It’s nice to see you on the blog again. Now it’s early June, and your words warm the room as nostalgic tones drift throughout this childhood memory. Your parents have taught you well to zoom in to life’s beautiful details often aptly described in your inspiring poetry. I enjoyed this so much. Thank you.



Hello Ptc,

What a grand return you make!
Jewels indeed, those shy treasures.
Your father surely had the soul of a poet.
A wise teacher once told me that writing poetry
is a physical thing. You have to get down on
your knees and ‘look the grass in the eye before
you can write about the lawn’. You have written
those jewels, and the rainbows dancing around them.

Thank you!


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Thank you, Sarah.There is a poem I will send you by email…similar thought. Life gets complicated sometimes, and priorities rearrange. Glad to be back.

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