The Order of Ideas


Each seed was tended as a child
of His dream; each bloom majestically
reigned, unique in its time and space.

Both rosebuds and lowliest weeds
blossomed in a natural design.
The garden quite wonderfully grew

in amazing hues and shapes
that pleased the eye of the guest
who knew only the forest

and nothing at all of the trees.




  1. All have a part to play in our earth garden but we don’t always take the time to know them individually. A bit like life Sarah. Enjoyed the read. Starting winter over here. Fresh but very enjoyable.

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  2. “that pleased the eye of the guest
    who knew only the forest
    and nothing at all of the trees.”

    Uh oh.
    These guests need a little stern talking to. 🙂

    The rosebuds and lowliest weeds
    all have a place in this life.

    Enjoyed reading!
    take care,

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  3. Hi Sarah

    What a beautiful poem expressing how the garden was created, every aspect of its botanical family is significant, tended and cultivated by the creator, and yet when viewed as whole it becomes this amazing panorama of shapes and colors. of growth and development. The guest who enters knows the collective beauty of the its bloom and yet knows nothing perhaps of each individual species and character. Still, we are given the whole to be drawn into the integral parts that define or comprise. God’s wonderful “order of ideas. Thank you for sharing this! Such a joy to read!

    Take care

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  4. Love it! We need not be a botanical person to be in God’s creation. Good new for me that can onlyk eep an ivy alive for long. You write nature so beautifully my friend.

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  5. {{{{{{{{Dee}}}}}}}}

    If it takes a broken ankle to get you to sit in your chair at The Pub,
    then I must admit I am indebted to that ankle. (though I hope it is
    being kinder than it was)

    Hoping to see a D poem soon.


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  6. Loos like I need a refresher course. Forgot how to edit. First day my foot has not hurt while sitting down. Right now hands are numb, so going to take a break. I also need a mouse that is a color other than black. Can’t see the knob on it. I may paint it white. So enjoying the poems.

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