1. “The food is ready but she is not; the music

    inviting her to linger in Gascony . Partially there,

    the rest of her evaporates with the steam”


    You are noted for your ability to bring a subject to life
    and also for your dynamic endings. You combine those
    two gifts in this poem. Both painting and poem capture
    and pull the reader into the scene.

    It is a joy to become one with this poem.



  2. Thank you Sarah!

    Your words always make me feel my writing matters and has merit! I so deeply appreciate your continual interest in my work and your wonderful thoughtfulness. It keeps me hopeful and going as a writer!

    Again, many thanks!
    Take care
    all m best always,


  3. Oh, these lines have a sting.
    A relationship where all of the thrill is gone.

    “he looks at the same bird
    and says it’s a large wasp stinging flowers
    only reminding him there are wasps to smoke”

    “Their leaves prick and perturb the flesh
    as much as the intimacy of being typical”

    The best of sweet and bitter in her pot
    brings to my mind the sweet and the bitter
    that can be part of a long relationship.

    Much enjoyed reading.
    take care,


  4. Thanks so much Kerri!

    I deeply appreciate your wonderfully keen comment on this poem — and your take on this is right on target. Thanks again , so mucfh, for sharing your ideas and perspective. Always enjoy hearing from you!!

    Take care


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