On The Supposed Absence Of A Poem

on the supposed absence of a poem

This poem was written before and during a taped viewing of the royal wedding. Headlines in google first read that Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, did not issue a poem to commemorate the event; and that it might be assumed, she would not.. Though she did come through with a pieced entitled, “The Long Walk”, there was the sudden occurrence of another poem evolving from the bride’s appearance and some critics on Twitter. My poem expounds on that happening. I should mention that I am a big fan of Duffy’s work and the poem she brought forth for the event was quite lovely and touching.  Also, the mention of “tree rings”, “circles on a lake” and “warmed pearls” allude to some of her former poems including “Rings” and “Warming Her Pearls”.

 On The Supposed Absence Of A Poem

And Beauty draws us with a single hair.

                                   Alexander Pope 


After they asked,

the crowned poet gave her promise

but then issued no verse

for the royal event — at least

                 it seemed that way


and left their request to age

with tree rings on a fallen pine,

her efforts to languish

in the water’s lament, rain circles

on a country lake


overlooked by a country house

where she sat drinking wine,

watching birds stitch the sky. Her pearls warmed

by the woodstove’s heat. The long walk

stretching through her mind.

The bride,


on the other hand, was immortalized

by those at Twitter who complained

a strand was out of place

straying from the hair line,



the protocol of grace, And there

beneath her diamond bridge

with its overflow of silk

& spume of lace, was the opening line

of a poem —


a discordant string, its quiver

of music touching

the air and her freckled skin

with the divinity

of being real. Light & grass scent


from the garden

drifting in.

.                 .




4 replies on “On The Supposed Absence Of A Poem”


Your heart and soul shines in this one. I love the empathy
that lights your poem. I was not aware of the situation regarding
the ‘missing’ poem nor did I know much about carol Ann Duffy. I
am totally entranced by her poem Spell…It is not a complicated
poem but it is beautifully magical. Her work is laden with atmosphere
and emotion. I thank you for causing me to learn another poet. It is
a most appreciated gift as is this poem that understands Duffy’s
style of writing. You, my friend are possessed of an agile pen and
a lovely spirit.. Another one for the top shelf!



thanks so much Sarah!!!

I am glad you enjoyed the poem and found joy in reading Duffy’s work as well — espeicially her poem, “Spell”. It is enchanting underscored by that native Gaelic dialect. I loved the content of it, rhythm and voice. Again, many thanks!

Take care


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