Summer Please . . .

(This is a lighthearted writing so please read it that way.)  

It’s been-a nevah-evah-kinda year-ah.
If the learnings could-ah speak-ah today-ah
near the end  of May-ah…Oh me-ah, my-ah.
Such chippah-chat chattah ‘bout the mattah.

Lots to relieve-ah ‘bout the ABCs-ah and 123s-ah,
ins-ah and out-ahs, set-ups-ah,,  take-downs-ah,
all the stand ups-ah and sit back downs-ah…now-ah,
p   l   e   a   s   e     &    t   h   a   n  k    y   o   u,
looks at this-ah, glances at that-ah, gather ‘rounds-ah.

Ah, sweet summer, embrace us, All.  ‘Tis time-ah.
Shine, shine, shine-ah, warm summertime sun-ah.
Learning’s cycle’s complete-ah; work is done-ah.
Shine, summer sun, shine. Shine on everyone-ah!

Shine, summer sun, shine. Shine on everyone-ah!


(Dear Reader, notice the shift in this last expressive syllable or word___“uh” suddenly, purposefully changes to “Ah”.  If this expression could be measured in teacher time, it would last a whole summer break.) Recess is important to all. 




    • Like Merv says, “you have to change up”. I changed up to Silly. I like that about writing. We get to express when- & however we need to express. Parts of this year, although woven with much academic successes, have been a tough assignment. We all learn in the midst of all times–in & out of classrooms. I welcome Summer. Yes, ma’am. Welcome, Recess. 🙂


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