And here, my love, I proffer draught of ale,
A sterling stein and chilled ’til froth is frost.
A darker brew for one who shuns the pale,
Rich barley malt aged sturdy and robust.

And when the morning sun comes dancing
through the drapery in your den, sweet esprit
of amaranth awash with last night’s dew
will light your window sill with melody,

And in the golden light of memory,
I will come to you.


  1. Hi Sarah

    Love the sound of that Irish toasting word and the way you expand on the theme with classic language and the idea of a lover about to return to her lover through memory, through the essence of “spirits imbibed” and the those of light memory. The lace curtains and fragrant bouquet of flowers growing near the windowsill, add the idea of a bride returning to the altar of love and companionship. Really love the voice and sentiment in this piece!

    Thank you,


  2. A delight to read, Sarah.

    A little Irish charm in this.

    And of course, the heart visiting in memory
    is universal.

    Much enjoyed.


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