5 Kisses? 10?


Eat chocolate.
Cluster the wrappers.

Tear foil in








atop your head.



    • Sarah,

      While talking with my sister on the phone earlier this AM, I was inspired by our conversation about a piece of chocolate & its wrapper—& how tiny torn bits of the wrapper could be confetti. Hmmm….birth of this poem! Sis loved it. Glad you like it. (We just all need a bit of inspiration…sometimes.)


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  1. Lovely and upbeat Jan. Like the idea of making confetti out of sweet wrappers. Recall my lot used to spread the wrappers wide and smooth out the creases, then hold them up to their eyes and see different coloured worlds. Cadbury Roses were, (still are,) good for that, lots of individually wrapped chocolates.


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    • Cadbury Roses? I’m not familiar with those. Are they anything like individually, foil-wrapped Hershey kisses? So curious over here. Also, about the reflected colors you’d see while holding wrappers toward light. Please tell me more.



  2. Cadbury Roses are individually wrapped sweets that come in a box. The wrappers used to be mostly made of thin coloured cellophane. If you smoothed them out and held them over your eyes, thw world took on the colour of the wrapper. The strawberry flavour one was a favourite, the whole world looked a warm and safe a rosy red hue.

    Sadly, Cadbury revamped Roses a while back and introduced non see through tear off wrappers.

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    • They sound delightful. Thanks for giving a description of them. It’s unfortunate when good stuff has to be replaced!



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