1. Water is an incredible commodity Sarah and it sure can break things down. Look at the Grand Canyon. One thing we did enjoy on our recent trip to Tasmania was the waterfalls we visited. Enjoyed the read.

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    • Merv,

      Thank you bunches! Do you realize how long it has been
      since I have seen your smiling face beside a comment on
      a poem of mine? Way too long! So glad you are here!



  2. Thank you, Maryse,

    It is a great start to a day to find your comment,

    and also to find your tribute to your Mum.

    Please give her a birthday hug from me.



  3. Hi Sarah

    What a joy to read this poem. I love the way you address the character and sacred power of the “waterfall”. She is the cascade of flowing life and you capture her voice and beauty with such eloquent language. I can feel this one, she is alive within my presence as I read this. And I agree she mirrors the miracle of God’s energy and vision, His pulse of life and radiant light. Thank you for this it’s magnificent as the waterfall, itself.

    Love it,


    • Dear Wendy,

      Thank you for viewing my waterfall with such lovely eyes.
      I am drawn to water, whether it be the ocean, a river or
      a waterfall. The motion, the sound, the clarity…you make
      me feel it all again with your reply.

      Thank you!



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